Aviator: The New Craze Among Kenyan Punters


Some of the best trending memes in Kenya right now are aviation-related. One particular one involves a guy hitting on a girl; he tells her that he is a pilot. She considers herself lucky having never interacted with a pilot before. When she asks what airline he works with, he answers, ‘Aviator.’

Aviator pilot
Don’t Bother: A punter who probably had a poor run on Aviator describes the pilot’s attitude | Image: Twitter

Another meme shows a nonplussed pilot taking a nap as his plane cruises on autopilot. The caption ‘Pilot pale Aviator’ has drawn numerous hilarious reactions. The running jokes keep flowing, much to the amusement of insiders who understand it. equally to the chagrin of those who have not had a sneak peek – until now.

What is Aviator?

This is a new betting sensation available on most betting sites licenced in Kenya. Despite not being a ‘sport,’ Aviator is available on popular betting sites. Most players love playing it on Betika.

The game involves betting on the duration a virtual plane will remain on the screen before flying away. A punter places a stake of KES 10 upwards before the game auto-starts. Once the countdown begins, a multiplier displays on the screen for as long as the plane has not ‘flown away (disappeared).’ To win, punters need to cash out before the ‘Flew Away’ message pops.

The multiplier begins as 1.0 and increases continuously by a point (x1.01, x1.02….x1.05…x2.0…x10.0…x100 and so on). The plane can fly away at any point once the countdown begins; as early as x1.0 or as late as x1000. The straightforwardness of the game makes it popular among Kenyan punters of all demographics. With no analysis required beforehand, you will find many people opening an Aviator tab during tea and any other break at work. Punters who view it as an easy way to earn are also popular on Aviator.

Pilot at aviator
Be mine, aviator pilot says.

Moreover, the thrill of watching the plane linger is amazing. Once the game starts, you are always tempted to cash out. However, the addition of every extra multiplier lures you to hold on. The heartbreak and regret, whenever the plane takes off, is almost always palatable. Friends can gather around to cheer one plane or play on individual gadgets. You don’t require any download to play the game.

Are there Betting Strategies?

Aviator is largely similar to PakaKumi- a game of chance. Every outcome is independent of others. Therefore, it is technically impossible to create betting strategies for this game. That said, we are always looking for ways to make your betting experience easier, more enjoyable, and more fruitful. We will keep testing the new game for you. You can thus expect a detailed piece in our betting guide section soon!

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